9caa2793658f3cc387f216157300b1ceAs a certified ServSafe instructor and proctor, I love to teach and train others, especially in food safety, alcohol training, and restaurant consulting. I have a unique mix of experience that allows me to be very effective and beneficial to restaurants of any and all sizes. 
Born, raised, and graduating college all in Western NC/Asheville area, I moved around the state working for government as a Health Inspector and then back in the industry managing, and also owning, a number of restaurants and bars. I have the education, training, and knowledge of the science and practicality behind food safety, while also having the in depth understanding of how to relay the information and implementation into all types of restaurants and food service businesses.
I have worked with hundreds of clients in NC and SC, helping over a thousand people get certified as a Food Safety Manager, which is a requirement by the FDA.
I look forward to working with you. No two classes are the same, and I will work to custom fit the class and exam to meet your needs.